Our media intelligence software helps you monitor and analyze mentions across all media sources, gain insights into real-time data, transform knowledge into business decisions and power your storytelling with an intelligence dashboard.


MediaScouting Core

View daily content, identify trends with visualizations, create reports, and interact with your data in a fully customizable, white labeled dashboard.

MediaScouting Broadcast

TV, Radio and podcast monitoring, recording, content analysis, automatic ads detection, clip creating and repurposing in one system.

MediaScouting Online/Social

Τrack global online news and turn them into structured, machine-readable data with advanced analytics.

MediaScouting Print

Monitor print media, follow the conversation, understand your impact, measure prominence and find out if your marketing efforts are working.

AI modules

Our technologies help companies and organizations manage their structured and unstructured data and extract meaningful information from them.

MediaScouting Dashboard

MediaScouting Core

  • Ingest any amount of data and provide online/social, broadcast, and print data to your clients with unlimited archiving capabilities.
  • Search and identify content of interest using strong Boolean search or any other AI module from DataScouting.
  • Drill down to information using interactive content visualizations and facets.
  • Can be integrated with any content provider or your current production workflow.
  • Smart tagging and curation functionalities.
  • Share reports or content via RSS, Messenger, WhatsApp, or any other integrations.
  • Work with content from multiple languages using machine translation.
  • Use modules such as entity recognition to find relationships across content.
  • Integrate ratings, rate cards, AVE or any additional metrics that work with your content.
  • Create reports using customizable profiles.
  • Schedule customizable automated reports in multiple formats, create alerts.
  • Flexible and simple to use interface.

Centralized media intelligence

Centralized media intelligence

Comprehensive monitoring

Our dashboard displays data from print, broadcast (TV and Radio), online news and social media in a single delivery platform. View trending themes, top sources, content stream, and sentiment.


Our dashboard makes it easy to visualize and understand large volumes of information by displaying it in easy-to-read interactive charts.

Analytics and reporting

Integrate data from rating agencies, create and use your own metrics for analysis and reporting.

Smart query system

Use powerful and interactive keyword filters to eliminate irrelevant content and ensure the most accurate search results possible.

AI modules

Use any of our AI modules to enrich your content.


Schedule customizable automated email reports and alerts that match user specifications.

Deployment and Support

Deployment and Support

Deployment and Support
  • Open architecture: Use APIs or direct access to database/filesystem to interact with your content.
  • Deployment: Cloud, on-premise.
  • Support: Choose between 8/5 or 24/7.
  • Platform integration: Ingest any content from any source, including web analytics, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or TikTok.
  • White label portal: flexible, customizable, multi-way distribution via our white label portal to reflect and promote your brand.

Industry sectors

Industry sectors

Media Monitoring Companies

Media Agencies

PR Agencies

Advertisement Companies

Government bodies


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